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Everybody wants to be understood

It's been a bit since I've written anything, I was planning on this being a daily thing, but clearly I have trouble having the discipline to actually do that. Recently things have taken a turn for the worst with my moods. It's really driving me crazy. I hate it. I hate feeling so...shitty...all the time. I just want to go back to a week or two ago. Everything felt better, I was laughing more, I was smiling more, I was getting along with the people in my life better. Things just were easier. But, unfortunately, that's the thing about life. You can't go back. I'll have to ride this wave until it's done, and that sucks, but that's just life. Emotions are something that have always felt so foreign to me, which is strange because of the bipolar disord…

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Hello, world.

I suppose I should introduce myself, and what this is aiming to be about. I go by 'anakin' or 'anak1n' on the internet, depending on who you talk to. I've always liked to write things, and keeping a blog helps me sort of keep everything in check mentally. It's not always the most helpful thing, as I sometimes just spew out a bunch of negative bullshit, and then end up feeling worse afterward, but most of the time it can be a therapeutic experience. The aim of this is to, I guess, chronicle my day-to-day life with my mental health. I can't say that it will always be pleasant to read, or that I'll follow some sort of structure. Truth be told, I don't really have a planned structure for the whole thing. I just plan to do what I've always done which is…

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